Gyula Farkas

10/09/1946 Szeged

He lives in Szeged, he is member of ‘Szegedi Szépmíves Céh’ (a society of artists in Szeged). He has participated in exhibitions since 1970, his oil paintings can be seen in Hungary and abroad alike.
Though his landscapes depict mainly Hungary, Greece and Istria with motifs of the sea and Italian, French and Swiss scenery appear as well. He also explores what abstraction may offer.
In his modernist works, the realistic motif of inspiration is always present and invites the spectator to follow it into a more abstract visual world. As he puts it in his ars poetica:

“It is not the current trend determined by the era’s spirit that has to be reflected in the work of art; it is always the quality of the picture that is decisive, irrespective of subject or style.”

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